What is Self Defense? Self Defense Basics

WHAT IS SELF DEFENSE? SELF DEFENSE BASICSIt’s a jungle out there. Every second of every day, somebody somewhere is threatened with, or is a victim of, assault. Some attacks are planned, others are spontaneous. They all involve a victim and a perpetrator. Will you be the next victim? What would you do if someone threatened you? What is self-defense?

In general, self-defense is exercising your basic right to prevent someone from harming you or your family. It’s not against the law to defend yourself, your family and your possessions, but once the threat is contained, victims do not have the right to continue to fight or kill an attacker.

There are hundreds of products on the market for men, women and children that, when used properly, can prevent or stop an attack. The most obvious defense, but not always the most practical, is to carry a weapon, concealed or otherwise. Make sure any gun you carry is registered, that you’re trained to use it and that it is legal to do so in your location.

Self Defense Basics

Would-be assailants often see women as the most vulnerable victims. The easiest and probably most popular method of self-defense for women is pepper spray. Containers of the spray come in all shapes and sizes, the most practical being the keychain-held version. Pepper spray won’t kill anyone, but it will most likely put a stop to a criminal’s plans.

Women should also consider adding a sharp object to the keychain that can be used like brass knuckles when they’re under attack. Police and sheriff’s departments everywhere offer self-defense classes, where women can learn simple techniques to thwart an attacker when spray or weapons aren’t available.

A quick Internet search will turn up pages of self-defense products, many of them targeted at women. One of the most extreme is like something out of a James Bond film. It looks like a tube of lipstick, but it’s actually a stun gun. There’s also a lipstick that holds a small knife. A similar product comes in the shape of an expensive cellphone.


When defending yourself, it’s always best to use your head. Sometimes you can use your hat. One of the most curious self-defense products is a baseball cap with lead sewn into the top of it. It looks and feels like any old baseball cap, but when you take it off and swing at someone’s head it turns into a weapon.

Another option is to wear or carry a personal alarm. A small contraption with a panic button is worn like a necklace or carried on a keychain, and when danger appears, the wearer activates the alarm.

If you don’t have a personal alarm but you’re close to your car when threatened, push the panic button on your car’s keyless remote. Don’t have either? Scream at the top of your lungs and fend off the attacker until help arrives.

The best defense is always a good offense. Discuss safety issues with your family, warn them about the dangers that lurk around every corner and arm them not only with common sense but also with any gadget you feel is appropriate.

You have the right to defend yourself.

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