Basic Self Defense Tips For Women

Self Defense Tips For WomenPersonal protection is a very serious matter for everyone, but especially for women. There are horrifying statistics about violent and sexual assault on women and every woman should know how to protect herself in some way or form.

How people try to differentiate the terms, “self defense” and “women’s self defense” is a sexist and exploitative practice. All reasonable and logical self defense techniques and self defense weapons will work the same for both men and women.

There are a handful of absolute ways to protect yourself from any attacker, whether you are a man or a woman. However, these are only basic self defense tips for women, if the attacker has a weapon, these basic tactics will still work, but it may not be the best course of action.

There are more advanced techniques to use when dealing with weapons and it is best to take a class to learn them with hands on guidance.

Basic Self Defense Tactics

1. Kneecaps. When you’re in a situation, you’ll want to try and keep your distance. If you need to attack, use your longest weapon, your leg. A solid kick to the kneecap, can do two things. One, it can take the attackers leg out from under them stopping them immediately. Two, it makes them vulnerable for a follow up attack or give you enough time to make a getaway.

2. The Groin. Again, using your longest weapon, your leg. Kicking an attacker in the groin is a good method to stop an attack and make an escape. If the attacker is in close range, a knee or punch, can be just as damaging and provide the time you need to escape.

3. The Eyes. The eyes are one of the most vulnerable places to subdue any attacker. A forceful poke to the eye can disorientate an attacker. While it may seem perhaps, too aggressive or unsettling for some, a gouge to the eye is incredibly effective. Digging your thumb into an attacker’s eye socket, will cause the attacker a large amount of pain, possibly even take the attackers eye out, if you dig deep enough into the socket.

4. The Throat. Striking an attacker in the throat can cause serious injury and possible death in some cases. A strong strike to the throat could collapse an attacker’s windpipe, at the very least they will be incapacitated long enough for you to escape. Trying to punch someone in the throat can be a little tricky, the best practice for this is using your forearm or elbow.

5. The Ears. This is a move of desperation and is best saved for a worst case scenario. It takes about 7 or 8 pound of pressure to tear an ear off a person. That basically equates to, if you can tear roughly 13 stacked pieces of paper, you can tear someone’s ear off. You just grab on as hard as you can and pull.

Self Defense Weapons


While these tactics seem simple, there’s no way to know how one will react when put into a dire situation. Just because you know of these things, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to perform them.

It would be best to take an actual self defense course, but if you’re unable to do so, at the very least you should practice the motions of these self defense tips for women. That way if you are ever put into a situation where you need to defend yourself, your body is familiar with the motions and even saving a seconds worth of hesitation can be all the difference.

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