Pepper Spray Treatment for Fast Relief

If you have been sprayed with pepper spray it can be extremely painful. Let’s hope you didn’t deserve it! It is important to take instant and appropriate action as the longer it lingers, the more damage it does to your eyes and skin. It is made with oils from cayenne pepper and is typically used as a weapon.

(OUCH!) You must take the following steps to get pepper spray out of your eyes and begin to see the light again. It is crucial for you to take these steps immediately or as soon as possible.

Fast Relief for Pepper Spray – Easy Steps


Step 1: Get to a Sink Pronto!

Water is the most important tool to get pepper spray out of your eyes. If you are not near a sink or a bathroom, find water wherever you can. Is there a water fountain nearby? A swimming pool? A fountain? Find water as quickly as you can and take the following steps to eliminate the pain that is seething through your eyes.

  • Cup your hands together and get a handful of water from the sink or fountain.
  • Bring the water from your hands up to your eyes while keeping your eyes open in the process.
  • Rub the water gently inside of your eyelids.
  • Do this as many times as you can, preferably 8-10 times in a row until you begin to feel some relief.

Step 2: Get the Soap

If you were lucky enough to find a bathroom, soap is very much needed to get the pepper sting out of your eyes. You need a hand soap that is gentle. Keep your eyes shut as tight as you can and put the soap onto your eyes as they are shut. Rub gently as not to get soap directly into the eye itself.

Step 3: Rinse

Once you are finished with the soap, it is time to rinse that stuff off. Open and shut your eyes slightly and rinse the soap off of your eyes with cold water. Make sure you rinse thoroughly and all of the soap is off from around your eyes. No need to cause any additional pain to them. 

Step 4: Dry your Eyes

Now it is time to lie down and put a pack of ice onto your eye to soothe the burning sensation. The first priority is to always get the pepper spray out of your eyes before trying to relieve the pain with an ice pack. Dabbing your eyes with anything before it has been rinsed is simply just putting hot pepper spray back into your eyes.

Step 5: Eye Drops

If your corneas are still on fire, you can offer some relief to them by adding 2-3 eye drops to each eye. This will help to relieve some of the pain that is searing throughout your eye. Only do this once, do not continuously use eye drops as a method of pain relief in your eyes.

Step 6: It’s Not Working!

If none of these awesome and effective steps are relieving the pepper spray pain from your eyes you probably did it wrong. Call your doctor or head over to the emergency room right away so they can treat you properly. You may have an allergic reaction to pepper which if that is the case, skip all of these steps and head straight to the emergency room.

Hopefully these steps helped you to end pepper spray pain that you did or didn’t deserve. Water is the most important and crucial step to eliminating the spray from your eyes and being able to see the sun again.

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