Does Pepper Spray Work on Dogs?

If you are ever attacked by a dog you know that it can be a stressful situation and extremely frightening. This typically happens when you are out for a walk or a jog and a dog gets loose from its owner or a dog is running loose in the park.

Many people carry pepper spray to defend themselves against mean people but does this pepper spray work on mean dogs too? Encountering a stray dog can be scary so there has to be a way that you can protect yourself, right? There is, but you should know all of the facts before using pepper spray on a dog.

So Does it Work on Dogs?

So does pepper spray work on a dog? The answer is yes, but not in the same way that it works on humans. It has the ability to stop a dog in its tracks but it does not have the exact same effect as it does on humans. However, it may not work on a dog that has been trained by the police as they have been trained to resist the oils that are contained in pepper sprays.

Dogs have very sensitive noses so it is important to hit that area. It can slow down the dog for several hours so you will have plenty of time to get away.

Best Pepper Spray for Dogs

There are specific pepper spray products that you can purchase that are specifically formulated to be more effective on dogs. These sprays are good options for individuals who encounter stray dogs on a regular basis in big cities and parks. If you are constantly wondering whether or not you are going to encounter a stray or loose dog in the park every day, you probably should end the fear and get some doggie pepper spray.

Sabre Red makes a pepper spray product specifically to fight against dogs. This brand is used for dogs who are aggressive in nature. This brand is considered to be a humane way to slow down a dog as the pain is only temporary in nature. People who frequently jog or walk find this to be a good choice because there is little chance of the wind blowing the pepper spray blowing into your face instead of the dogs.

Most of the pepper sprays that are created for dogs do not harm the eyes but target the nose area as dogs have a strong sense of smell. Most of them are not harmful and do not make the dog suffer for long periods of time.

Pepper Spray for Dogs

That’s Just Mean!

Some of you animal lovers do not like the idea of spraying a dog in the face with pepper spray even if he is trying to attack you. Not to worry, there are other alternatives to using pepper spray when you are being attacked by a dog. Dogs do not like loud noises. So something such as an air horn that will scare the dog away can be effective way to make a clean break when the dog is distracted. There are some products that even let out ultrasonic noises that will deter the dog from trying to attack.

So there you have it. The answer is yes, you can use pepper spray on a dog. There are some brands that work better than others. It is important to only use these products when you are in fear of your safety. There is no need to harm an innocent animal if they have no intention of harming you. Keeping a bottle of pepper spray close by is just a way of being safe rather than sorry.

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